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Simple Tips to Improve Your Practice's Cash Flow Process

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the revenue cycle management process?

This webinar will help you identify important measures affecting practice revenue by:

  • Creating scorecards to eliminate issues that are preventing payments

  • Identifying and improving processes that improve revenue

  • Organizing staff to monitor and improve the financial process

  • Avoiding the pitfalls of uncompensated care

Presenter: Stephanie Cremeans, CPC, CPMA, CPPM, fonder of RCM Insight

Best Practices in Patient Payment Strategies

Tips & tricks from the front lines of patient billing that help you effectively collect patient payments.

Featuring Deanna Holmes, Medical Billing Expert

Educating Your Patients on Payment Options

Healthcare costs and surprise medical bills remain a significant concern for Americans. Educating your patients before, during, and after appointments about their payment obligations builds trust and provides a positive billing experience that remains a key driver in getting paid. 

Collecting Patient Payments During Economic Hardships

Proven solutions to managing late or unpaid bills to ensure you still get paid.


Topics include:

  • Current patient payment trends​ 

  • Automating what can be automated

  • ​Improving payments overall with payment plans​

  • Best practices for managing collections during economic hardships

5 Tips for Reopening Your Medical Practice

With medical practices reopening across the country, it's important to have a plan in place to help you thrive during the new normal. In this webinar, we'll give you some tips on reopening your practice. Topics include:

  • Creating a flexible office plan to open with full hours

  • Developing safety measures for your staff and patients

  • Launching a marketing plan to bring your patients back to your office

  • Sustaining your practice financially and getting caught up on billing

Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies

This special BillFlash webinar is presented in cooperation with the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) with Policy Associate Christine Calouro.

  • Telehealth policies in the wake of COVID-19

  • Private payer reimbursement

  • Medicaid and Medicare policy trends 

  • Common telehealth restrictions

  • Required consent

  • Out-of-state compacts and licensure

  • Malpractice insurance policy

Applying for a Small Business Loan During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The CARES Act and Small Business Loans

  • How do the loans convert into grants?

  • How do I qualify if funding is extended?

  • The money for small business loans is gone, what are my options?

Money Matters: Put 10% More Back in Your Bottom Line

Now, more than ever, finding ways to stay financially sound is a top priority. Research shows that a simple change in business can increase profits substantially.

Webinar overview:

  • Payment options offer additional revenue streams

  • Understanding the value of aligning with an IPA

  • Itemizing costs before considering group discounts

  • How to get paid at the time of service

  • What 10% means for your business

Presenter: Patrick D. Souter, adjunct instructor of healthcare studies at the Baylor Executive MBA program; adjunct instructor of business law and health law at Baylor Law School; and attorney at Gray Reed

6 Keys to Sustaining Your Practice Through the Pandemic

No one knows exactly what COVID-19 holds for our future, but one thing is clear: it's changed healthcare for good. Many of the temporary solutions put in place for COVID-19 will likely become a permanent part of your business strategy. 

In this webinar we'll discuss what your practice will need both during and after the pandemic. Topics include:

  • Using contactless payments for safety and convenience

  • Setting your practice apart with telehealth

  • Automating what can be automated

  • Protecting your online systems

  • ... and more

BillFlash Educational Series:

Getting Paid for Telehealth Visits

An overview of the new landscape of patient payments for telehealth visits.

  • Understanding the patient billing and payment process for telehealth visits

  • Sending patients electronic notifications for pre-visit charges

  • Method for processing pre-visit payments 

  • Integrating billing for telehealth visits

  • Automating payments through stored payment methods and payment plans

Maintaining Patient Care, Billing, Payments During Uncertain Times

How telehealth, online patient billing and payments, and other tools help you and your patients during social distancing

BillFlash Educational Series: Patient Payment Plans - Best Practices During Economic Hardships

Helping you optimize payment plans while many patients may be experiencing economic hardships

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting patient payments

  • How payment plans improve payments overall

  • Minimizing the accounts sent to collections

  • Managing patient collections during economic hardships

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