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As a preferred partner of EZClaim, NexTrust provides BillFlash patient statement & payment services that are fully integrated with your EZClaim Premier billing application. 

  • Send mailed & paperless patient statements directly from your billing application 

  • Get paid faster & easier through your preferred online and in-office payment methods

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Send mailed & electronic statements in EZClaim plus offer easy, online payment options & payment plans!

Statement controls allow you to review, customize, edit, approve, and select delivery method of statements.

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Send online statements the same day, saving more than 60% over mailed statements. Plus, eBills make it faster & easier for patients to pay you.

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Painlessly send professional & customizable statements, from your EZClaim application, that are mailed the next day. 

Comprehensive payment options include StoredPay, PlanPay, and AutoPay.

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Lets patients pay you online using their increasingly preferred method. Plus, your patients can now pay you online 24x7.


Lets you process all types of traditional patient payments. Plus, integrated payments are easily posted to your billing application for complete tracking and reporting.

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Send mailed & paperless patient statements directly from your billing application, and receive online, office and phone payments.

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