Why BillFlash RCM Services?

One Vendor to Centralize Getting You Paid.

Medical practices are most effective when they are able to focus on the quality of patient care. Outsourcing your patient and insurance billing with BillFlash RCM Services removes the distractions from providers and staff, enabling them to provide the highest level of care, outcomes and responsiveness to patients – all while reducing costs.

No Upfront Costs

Our unique cost reduction business model requires no upfront fees or risks. Effectively, we get paid when you start saving!

Competitive Pricing

We tailor pricing to the needs of our clients. Our focus is on both reducing your costs and increasing your revenue.

Best-in-class Customer


We take support a step further by making sure that our customers can reach the account managers  immediately with questions

No more being stuck in long-term contracts that just aren't working for you. You're able to cancel services at any time.

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is easy to understand and clearly defines the process of the services to ensure you're completely informed

With our global reach, we can strike the right balance of onshore and offshore locations to cater to your outsourcing needs.

We take compliance very seriously. Our company operates with full compliance to ensure you're covered

No Long-term Contract

Flexible Delivery Models

Full Compliance

Service Level Agreement

Medical Practice

New York

  • 41% Decrease in A/R days

  • 8% reduction in denials

  • 12.2% increase in patient collections

Cardiology Practice

New Jersey

  • 67.9% Decrease in A/R days to 20.2

  • 96% Net collection rate

  • 19.2% increase in gross collection

Multi-Specialty Practice


  • First time clean claims rate of 98.9%

  • Reduced AR >120 days by 21%

  •  12% increase in patient collections

Billing Service

New Jersey

  • Decreased A/R days to 20.31 (MGMA average 43.93)

  • 89.6% of collections received in fewer than 30 days

  • Reduced AR >120 days by 21%

Our ability to drive accurate reimbursements and avoid costly errors is a result of our team of highly experienced and rigorously trained medical coders. 
  • Credentialed, experienced coders

  • Expertise in Physician / Hospital Coding 

  • Minimum 20-30% cost reduction 

  • 12-24 Hours rapid turnaround

  • 96% or better coding accuracy 

  • Optimize revenue, decrease denials 

  • Strict enforcement of coding compliance

  • A Process tailored to each client’s needs

  • Elimination of staffing shortages and turnover

  • Ensure accurate, compliant coding

  • Broad Healthcare Expertise

  • Deep Technology Experience

  • Minimize denials and mitigate audit risk.

  • Overcoming reimbursement-based challenges

  • Operational and Clinical Quality Improvement

  • Daily snapshot of clinical and financial data

  • Benchmark comparisons by facility, physician etc.

  • Data-driven approach for reimbursement changes 

  • Predictive analytics increase the accuracy of diagnoses

  • Identify documentation initiatives to boost bottom line

A convergence of data, technology, and analytics, our suite of solutions leverages another important element—human expertise. From real-time claims editing to fraud detection and prevention, we employ a unique process that drives results.
Our innovative revenue cycle solution that creates value for your organization by reducing administrative costs, increasing collection levels, and dramatically lowering percentages and amounts of aged receivables. 
  • 12-24 Hours Rapid Turnaround

  • Credentialed Billers & Coders

  • Dedicated RCM Manager and Team

  • Extensive Insurance & Patient Follow Up

  • Appeal of Low Paid and Denied Claims

  • Secondary and Tertiary Claims Submissions

  • Stringent Quality Control Process

  • Daily/Monthly/YTD Financial Reports

  • Sending Regular Patient Statements

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