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The spread of COVID-19 across the United States has created some unique challenges for medical practices. How do you run a practice with heavy patient loads and adhere to social distancing recommendations?

7 Ways BillFlash Supports Social Distancing

It may not be possible to meet both goals all the time, but medical practices can take steps to limit face-to-face contact by utilizing the technology available to them. NexTrust offers a variety of services that can help you keep your practice running—whether you’re working in the office or at home—and, most importantly, ensure revenue is still coming in.

1. Send mailed patient bills and eBills from

You can manage all of your billing by simply logging in to, wherever you’re at. And if you’re working odd hours because of closures or being short-staffed, you can manage billing at whatever time works best for you. Printed bills are mailed the next day and eBills are securely sent online the same day of service. You can also customize the template as needed to best communicate with patients.

2. Patients can pay bills online 24/7

With ePay, patients can pay their bills from home on any device, using any of the payment methods you offer. It doesn’t matter if patients haven’t used the payment portal on before—they can either register as a new user or pay as a guest. Patients can also save their payment information to save time the next time they pay a bill.

In addition to paying bills at any time, patients can view their billing history at any time, as well. With all this information at their fingertips, they’ll be less likely to call your office with questions, freeing up time for your staff to concentrate on other tasks.

Many patients are going online to conduct office visits, as well. Teladoc reported that telehealth visits have spiked 50% since the U.S. started enforcing social distancing, and that number continues to rise. Having a convenient way to make bills available for patients immediately after virtual visits is a big help for medical practices, especially those who rely on patients paying their bills in-office.

3. Use BillFlash's payment portal instead of building your own

If you don’t have a payment portal set up for online payments yet, don’t worry. BillFlash will set that up for you to integrate with the systems you already have. This will take care of things on the billing side so you can focus on what’s most important—caring for your patients.

4. Incorporate BillFlash features with Any MID

Maybe you’re using another merchant to handle some of your billing for you but want to take advantage of the more advanced features BillFlash has to offer, like online billing & payment plans. BillFlash integrates with the merchant you have so you can stay in the system you’re currently using and still use BillFlash services to simplify your billing. With the pressure healthcare providers are experiencing right now, simplifying processes wherever possible is crucial.

5. No need to send checks

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the risk of spreading the coronavirus through mail is very low. However, it can live on surfaces, including paper, for several hours.
Even though the risk of contracting COVID-19 through a mailed check is low, it is best to avoid sending checks in the mail, especially if more convenient payment options are available. Now is a good time to encourage patients who typically mail their bills to switch to paying bills online. This eliminates another point of contact and simplifies billing for both patients and your practice.

6. Set up payment plans to allow patients to pay debt over time

We are just starting to feel the economic impact of a global pandemic. And with COVID-19 hitting early in the year, patients on high-deductible plans may have an especially hard time keeping up with healthcare costs.
With some families losing income because of job disruptions, many organizations are offering more flexibility in paying bills. BillFlash Payment Services includes payment plans that allow patients to pay their debt over time rather than defaulting on a larger amount. This is a great option to ensure larger bills are being paid in full.
Learn how BillFlash helps secure your practice's financial stability with automated patient billing & online payment options
A lot is uncertain right now, but it doesn’t have to disrupt the revenue flow of your practice. Contact BillFlash at or 435-940-9123 with any questions about these services or to get started today.

7. Manage collections seamlessly

Collections are a part of healthcare operations even during the best of times. BillFlash Integrated Collection Services automate this process for you—saving you the headache of importing & exporting files and coordinating efforts with a disconnected agency—while still allowing you full control. During these uncertain times, you can easily adjust the timelines as needed to accommodate the circumstances of your area and the needs of your practice.

“Providers that use BillFlash ePay services have noticed a 60% increase in patient payments within the first 30 days.”


- D. Jackson, Prestige Billing

NexTrust offers BillFlash Patient Billing and Payments services for streamlined, automated billing and payments. 

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