Promotional Qualifications

Opportunity 1 - FREE Services for 30 Days

To show our appreciation for adding new BillFlash Services, we’re giving you FREE Services for 30 Days to help you get started quickly. That’s right your first 30 days are on us.

This offer is EXCLUSIVELY for new services added with either new or existing standard BillFlash Accounts as follows:

  • eBill Service - Send unlimited paperless eBills for FREE for 30 days.

  • Mail Service - Send unlimited Mailed bills FREE OF PROCESSING SERVICE FEES for 30 days. YOU ONLY PAY THE COST OF FIRST-CLASS POSTAGE FOR EACH MAILING plus any additional postage for exceeding two ounces or for foreign addresses. We will collect a standard refundable postage deposit as financial security.

This offer applies specifically to new services added to existing BillFlash Accounts as follows:

  • eBill and Mail Services both qualify to be added independently at any time.

  • Pay Services (ePay and/or OfficePay) qualify for a single initial FREE Services offer for each account location as described herein. There is no additional FREE Services offer to add either service at a later time.

Opportunity 2 - Save over 60% when you convert Mail to eBills

Our typical customer sees about a 65% savings for each bill that they convert from print and Mail to paperless eBill.


Opportunity 3 - Send eBills FREE with each paid Mail bill

BillFlash does not charge any additional fee to send an eBill along with a paid Mail bill. Use this opportunity to invite your Payers to try eBills without any cost to you. Many will become comfortable with eBills only so that you can realize the savings from going paperless. Many will also begin paying you online through ePay at


NexTrust retains the right to modify or eliminate these offers at any time with or without notice.