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BillFlash Helps Practices Get Paid More & Faster

By Automating Patient Billing & Online Payments on a single platform. 

Patient Billing

With BillFlash practices have a single interface that makes adding, editing, customizing, and sending bills, in batches or individually very simple.

Both print/mail and paperless bills are made simple as files seamlessly load into BillFlash from within our software and are ready to edit, customize, and send within 1 working day!

eBills are now the patient preferred method.

  • eBills save practices money and get them paid faster!

  • Send eBills for free with each mailed statement

  • eBills include “Pay Now” buttons so patients can pay online, anytime


Calculate eBill savings: https://www.rcm.billflash.com/calculator

Patient Payments

Simplify the payment process for patients & help practices get paid more & faster 

BillFlash integrates your statement processing with the following additional billing and payment services

  • eBill - HIPAA-compliant, online statement notifications typically save more than 60% vs. mailed statements

    • Patients tend to pay eBills faster than mailed statements

  • SelfPay - Online patient payments

    • ePay enables patient payments 24/7

    • ePay eliminates most of your payment handling costs

  • OfficePay - Walk-in, Mail, and Phone payments

    • Supports your traditional payment needs

Advanced Payment Features include:

  • StoredPay

    • Save card or bank account on file for easy future payments

  • PlanPay

    • Create monthly payment plans for a defined amount

  • AutoPay

    • Setup automated payments of the full amount billed.

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