Make it Easier for Patients to Pay You!

Did you know 70% of patients prefer to pay their bill online?

In addition to statement printing and mailing services, BillFlash can save you money and improve patient payments through electronic services.

Expanding you current statement process to include eBill and ePay services, BillFlash can: 

  • Increase cash flow

  • Decrease billing costs

  • Improve patient and staff satisfaction

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Online eBill

Online paperless statements

  • eBills typically save more than 50% vs. mailed statements

  • Patients tend to pay eBills faster than mailed statements


Walk-in, Mail, and Phone payments


Create monthly payment plans for a defined amount.

Online ePay

Online patient payments

  • ePay enables patient payments 24/7

  • ePay eliminates most of your payment handling costs


Save card or bank account on file for easy future payments


Setup automated payments of the full amount billed

I want to save money by allowing my patients to pay bills online

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