Claim Processing

BillFlash RCM Claim Services combine 16 years of billing and payment expertise with innovative technology to help your practice collect every dollar you earn.

Clinical Documentation

We maximize reimbursement by improving your documentation and protect you against the risk of RAC audit liability. Thorough review of clinical documentation ensures accurate diagnosis capture and the appropriate level of service is appropriately recorded.

Scrubbing & Submissions

Reviewing each claim on a line-by-line basis to ensure its properly coded and contains the correct information.
Solution to reduce undercharges and denials, saves staff time and improves your cash flow.

Professional Coding

We help you improve accuracy with ongoing, periodic or one-time coding assistance across all medical specialties.
Guaranteed accuracy and turnaround leading to accurate and appropriate reimbursement.

Payment Posting

Accurate payment posting process helps analyze the revenue cycle better for improvement opportunities to maximize revenue.  
Both manual and electronic payments will be processed within  12-24 hours of the receipt.

Charge Capture

Higher level of accuracy and zero lost charges, reduce compliance risks and improve patient satisfaction thereby.
Reducing denials, increasing revenues and reducing the chance of an audit by CMS or the OIG.

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