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3. Enter the prospects information

  • First name, Last name, Phone, Email, Organization name

  • Monthly Statement Volume if known

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Free Trial Promotion

Practices can try BillFlash free for 30 days

BillFlash will send their mailed statements for just the cost of a stamp.

Month-to-month agreements - cancel  anytime!

BillFlash Billing & Payment Services

Features & Benefits


BillFlash Billing Automation

Send mailed and electronic statements with just a few clicks!

BillFlash gives practices a single interface that makes adding, editing, customizing, and sending bills, in batches or individually very simple.

Both print/mail and electronic bills are made simple as your billing files easily uploaded into BillFlash and are ready to edit, customize, and are mailed the next business day!

eBills are now the patient preferred method.

  • eBills save practices money and get them paid faster!

  • eBills include “Pay Now” buttons so patients can pay online, anytime

BillFlash Integrated Payment Services

Simplify the payment process for patients & help practices get paid more & faster 

BillFlash integrates your statement processing with these billing & payment services

  • eBill - HIPAA-compliant, online statement notifications typically save more than 60% vs. mailed statements

    • Patients tend to pay eBills faster than mailed statements

  • SelfPay - Online patient payments

    • ePay enables patient payments 24/7

    • ePay eliminates most of your payment handling costs

  • OfficePay - Walk-in, Mail, and Phone payments

    • Supports your traditional payment needs

  • StoredPay

    • Save card or bank account on file for easy future payments

  • PlanPay

    • Create monthly payment plans for a defined amount

  • AutoPay

    • Setup automated payments of the full amount billed.

New Services in 2020

Text eBill Notices

Now in addition to sending eBill Notices by email, you’ll also be able to send eBill Notices by text. This is a great way for your patients to easily and securely receive eBill Notices and then view and pay their bills online. Current customers using eBill will be notified as soon as Text Notices are available.

Enhanced Billing

Relying solely on monthly patient billing statements often means waiting months for payments.

Our BillFlash Enhanced Billing service combines mail, email, and texting to optimize communication messaging and frequency to get you paid more and faster.


The Enhanced Billing service will let you use our existing templates or customize them to send:

  • Mailed inserts

  • Emailed payment reminders (send up to three email reminders each billing month)

  • Texted payment reminders (send up to three text reminders each billing month)


With the ability to send statements and reminders through mail, email, and text, your patients’ bills will stay top-of-mind and will be easier to pay, resulting in increased payments.

Schedule a BillFlash Demo

Integrated Collection Services

Integrated BillFlash Collection Services simplify the collections process and save you the headache of exporting, importing, and coordinating efforts with a disconnected agency. Once you've specified the rules for aging (i.e. 90 days) and past-due minimum amounts (i.e. $50), eligible accounts are presented for collection approval when you approve your billing files. Simply omit patients you don’t want to send to collections and approve the remaining patients—and a collections specialist will get right to work to recover your revenue.

Demo Scheduling Requirements: Demo must be with a prospect who has not seen a BillFlash demonstration within the last 3 months. $50 incentives are paid each month with your regular Reseller commissions. 


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