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Pre-claim services

Patient access services

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Credentialing Services

  • Provider Enrollment

  • EDI Enrollment

  • EFT/ERA Enrollment

  • Consulting Servicers

  • Scheduling

  • Patient Registration

  • Eligibility & Benefits

  • Prior Authorization

  • Patient Follow-up

  • Patient Share Notification

clinical revenue integrity

patient financial services

  • Professional Coding

  • Facility Coding

  • Coding Audit Services

  • Risk Adjustment  Coding

  • Charge Master Analysis

  • Clinical Documentation

  • Charge Capture

  • Scrubbing & Submission

  • Payment Applications

  • AR Management

  • Denial Management

  • Insurance/Patient Follow-up

Reliable Billing Company. Their staff is a pleasure to work with and are responsive to our needs. Previously, when billing functions were performed in-house, we were losing thousands of dollars monthly due to incompetent billing.

Healthcare business analytics

  • Risk Analytics

  • Insightful Metrics

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Performance Reporting

  • Ad-hoc Reporting Analysis

  • Process Measures/Audits

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