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BillFlash Integrated Collection Services significantly simplifies your collections process, which is fully integrated within your existing BillFlash billing & payment workflow:

  1. Upload - The collections process begins each time you Upload your regular billing file

  2. Review & Approve - While you’re reviewing each billing file, you’ll also be able to Review & Approve accounts to be sent to collections

  3. Assignment - Approved collection accounts are automatically assigned to NexTrust’s collection partner who then performs the collection activities

  4. Payments – You’ll maintain control of any proposed settlements and all payments will be made immediately into your BillFlash supported merchant account through BillFlash Payment Services

  5. Reporting – You’ll have full visibility to all activity & results through Reports at

  6. Invoicing - Fees for services will be included in your monthly BillFlash invoice

Billing Services

Coming Soon - New Statement Designs

You will soon have new options for your printed statements, including emphasized payment options, improved messaging, and more. New and updated designs will bring a fresh new look to your billing and will improve communication and results with your patients..

Coming Soon - Text eBill Notices

You’ll soon be able to send eBill Notices by text, like you’re currently doing by email. Texting eBill Notices to your patients’ favorite mobile devices lets them most conveniently view & pay their bills online. Current customers using eBill will be notified as soon as Text eBill Notices are available.

Coming Soon - Enhanced Billing Service

Building upon your regular monthly billing, our new Enhanced Billing Service will keep your patients’ bills top of mind by automatically sending additional mail, email, & text communications to get you paid more and faster.


The Enhanced Billing Service lets you customize and automatically send:

  • Inserts (Mail) that promote online SelfPay (and optionally Payment Plans)

  • Reminders (via Email and/or Text)

Payment Services

Coming Soon - New Pay Services Option

Get all the benefits of BillFlash Payment Services, with your non-BillFlash merchant account! Our upcoming Pay Services option lets you use your existing payment processor and enjoy the integrated BillFlash payment service benefits that can save your staff hours and make it easier for you to get paid faster and get paid more..


Integrated Collection Services

Now Available - New Integrated Collection Services


See a demo of the BillFlash Integrated Collection Services:

  1. Register for a Webinar: Integrated Collection Services Demo

  2. Schedule Personal Demo Online to learn how to add and use the service

  3. Call: 435-940-9123 ext. 3

  4. Email:


Learn more at

BillFlash Integrated Collection Services eliminates the endless processing headaches between you and your non-integrated third-party collections agency by using NexTrust’s collections partner that:

  • Is fully integrated with BillFlash

  • Provides you with discounted collection rates as negotiated by NexTrust

  • Is licensed and compliant in all 50 states

Most importantly, we’re confident that our new BillFlash Integrated Collection Services will achieve significantly better financial results for your business while also professionally handling all communications with your patients.

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