Healthcare Business Analytics

Healthcare business insights bring powerful change in patient care and revenue improvements.



NexTrust provides metrics that allow you to understand and make decisions regarding the key components of your revenue cycle. Metrics include –  A/R days, First pass rate, Net collections, denial rate, and more.

Ad-hoc Reporting Analysis

Ad-hoc reports like denial analysis,  service analysis etc. help the leadership & clinical staff to resolve challenges.
Our BI team help our clients enhance overall decision-making capability of their healthcare organization.

Performance Reporting

Detailed performance reports help you to manage your practice and by having full visibility into your the health of your practice. KPI reports include - Gross charges, receipts and adjustments, A/R  by aging  to monitor status and practice financial performance.



Advanced risk analytics has become a necessity for providers. We help predict and mitigate risks and improve revenue by translating ever-increasing amount of data into actionable business intelligence.

Process Measures & Audits

We enhance your medical coding and billing processes through a systematic, continuous, and comprehensive audit. Helping to identify and eliminate coding and billing errors.

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