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Who is NexTrust?

NexTrust, Inc. has provided practices with automated patient statement services since 2004. 

What does Billflash does for eClinicalWorks customers?

BillFlash is a patient billing automation service that lets eClinicalWorks customers send patient statements to be printed and mailed from with the software. 

What are eClinicalWorks customers sending through BillFlash?

  • 3100+ eClinicalWorks practices

  • Sending 1,175,000 statements monthly

  • Totaling $217,000,000 in billed revenue

How long does it take to print and mail a statement after it has been sent through BillFlash?

Statements uploaded through eClinicalWorks are printed and mailed the next day.

How is BillFlash integrated with eClinicalWorks?

From within eClinicalWorks, practices can specify to have BillFlash print and mail the current statements 

How does NexTrust support eClinicalWorks Customers

NexTrust provides a live customer support team that can be reached at 435-940-9123 or

  • Mon.–Fri. 8:00am–5:00pm MT

  • (435) 940-9123 (Option 1)

What are customers saying about BillFlash?


"Smoother and for sure more efficient"

"2600 bills in 15 minutes"

"Very impressed with customer service"

"Better results in customer response"

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(435) 940-9123 (Option 2)

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